Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Latest reviews of RESTITUTIO

5.0 out of 5 stars a wonderful book 29 Sep 2014
Thank you. Thank you! A truly inspirational book.

4.0 out of 5 stars Highly recommended. 30 Sep 2014
Another great read from the series - lots of important questions raised that leave you thinking about them long after you've finished reading.

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Friday, September 26, 2014

Latest Review of RESTITUTIO

By Claire
Extremely balanced , moving and utterly thought provoking. A more philosophical narrative than Revelations which I read before this, yet still punctuated with harsh realities by Nick Van Der Leek & Laurie Pieters-James & commentary by Juror 13. An utterly compelling read that should make us all question the society in which we live and also question ourselves.

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Saturday, September 20, 2014

RESTITUTIO is Oscar Trial eBook #5. So...what's it all about?

The Short Version and the Long Version:

1. Short Description via Juror13:

"This book is not about sheer entertainment.  It's really about reflection, and moving forward. I think anyone who reads this book is going to stop and think about how this ties into their own life."

2. Long Description (via Amazon):

RESTITUTIO was published on 19 September 2014, exactly 7 days after Judge Thokozile Masipa pronounced her controversial verdict; Oscar Pistorius not guilty on the charge of murdering Reeva Steenkamp in his home on Valentine's Day 2013. On the same day RESTITUTIO was published, the South African Police announced the latest crime statistics: 

17 068 people were murdered in South Africa over the past year. That’s 47 people per day; 800 more than the previous year. Reeva Steenkamp, however, will not be counted among those numbers. 

The question RESTITUTIO asks is: 'why not?’ And ‘where to from here’? 

South African freelance photojournalist, Nick van der Leek, and forensic profiler and criminologist, Laurie Pieters-James, have teamed up for the first time to interrogate the subterranea behind the Oscar trial. Additional insights via the popular American analyst Juror13 provide international perspectives to the story. In sum, a trio of analysts means a singular narrative reinforced into an even more powerful, and thoroughly-considered story. 

RESTITUTIO takes the reader on a journey through intellectual rivers and deserts, mountains and storms, until finally a guiding metaphor emerges...and presents us with an Abyss. Whether we float over it or plunge into it depends on how we respond to our own (individual and societal) 'wrongness'. Can we even acknowledge 'Being Wrong'? 

The RESTITUTIO narrative seeks answers on this very central question and then probes an even darker mythos...our prospects for Ernest Becker’s brutal questions on the human condition. Is there an escape from evil for us? And from death (by crime in South Africa, for example)? Is there a way for us to find our way back to real reconciliation and true legitimacy? 

The authors interrogate these questions using the Oscar Trial as a taking-off point. 

Highlights of RESTITUTIO include stories by: 

1. Sonja Raath. The last journalist to interview Reeva Steenkamp, writes candidly about her thoughts, feelings and firsthand experience when she met the couple at the Virgin Active Sports Awards, and her interactions with Reeva afterwards. 

2. Criminologist and analyst for CNN, Laurie Pieters-James. Pieters-James, co-writer of Shattered Lives (the story of Dirk Prinsloo and Advocate Barbie) describes her impressions of Hilton Botha, who she had the opportunity to converse with during the bail hearings, which she attended in person. Pieters-James also provides insight into the (often disturbed) psyches of the fanatic Oscar followers, better known as the Pistorians. 

3. Juror13. Over the past year and a half, South Africans have been in mourning, along with the grieving Steenkamp family. Has justice been done? Disappointment in the spring of 2014 is widespread following the verdict. US-based courtroom analyst and blogger, Juror13 interrogates the grief that societies suffer in the wake of such verdicts. Juror13 also describes her personal experiences of 9/11 and the Newtown Elementary school shooting in Connecticut. How can a nation move forward after such abominations? 

4. Nick van der Leek. The author provides more poignant insights and analysis into the Oscar trial, into its ironies (the victim’s family being less emotional than the accused throughout), but also draws the reader further, far further than REVELATIONS, on a journey to the Existential Abyss...and beyond. 

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Latest Review of #Revelations: "Read this to the end!"

Once again, the author has provided a well researched, compelling read! He develops further themes around the Oscar trial, such as crime in South Africa (sharing some very personal accounts) and our own validation of our place in this world. Not only that, he also highlights some of the unanswered questions surrounding the trial, such as: what was Reeva consoling Oscar about on the day? Whose jeans were lying outside the bathroom window? Did Oscar call an ambulance, and if not, who did? The author doesn't beat around the bush, and writes in a very frank way to address a number of white elephants in the room. As mentioned in a previous review of this book, some might interpret this as 'disabilist', but I don't think that was the intention. This is a literary tool used to demonstrate a point.

Keep going to the end...the author has also provided a potential alternative account of the events which took place in the early hours of that bloody valentine's day. He acknowledges that this is speculation, but it does make you think...

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Note: RESTITUTIO will be released on 18 September on Amazon. Remember you don't need a Kindle to read an eBook, you simply need to download the free app.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

South African MAN a *runaway* hit! >>> PLUS how to jump on the 'online traffic' bandwagon

Less than a month after launching on August 6, South African MAN, edited by freelance photojournalist and author Nick van der Leek, has attracted over 20 000 page impressions.  The site, managed by a small team of designers, IT experts and content providers (the latter mostly from Nick van der Leek  himself) is regularly updated.

South African MAN's hallmark is colourful, insightful, vivid diversity, with an edge.  The sites mantra is 'Born to be bold' and many of its topics have an edgy quality. There is news, analysis, interviews with South African movers and shakers and yes, quite a few attractive women, all done to magazine-quality standards, but optimised for web/mobile acquisition.

Some of the personalities interviewed in the first three weeks since South African MAN went live, include:

- Professor Jonathan Jansen
- Kingsley Holgate
- Richard Murray
- Professor Tim Noakes
- Morgan Freeman
- Lauren Beukes
- Leonard Carr
- Willem -Dapper' De Wet
Maja Debeljkovic
- Naomi Das
- Annette Kasselman

Some of the most popular stories on the site include:

1. Is Grey SA's Greatest?
2. Statement Analysis can show Oscar's lies
3. MANdate Willem 'Dapper' de Wet Q&A

Besides regular analysis on the Oscar Pistorius Murder trial (Nick van der Leek is the author of 4 bestselling eBooks on the subject) the site also showcases COUNTERSPIN (controversial behind the scenes news), MANtalk (news analysis and commentary) and tongue-in-cheek commentary on topical entertainment, for example True Blood on television and Guardians of the Galaxy at the cinema.

Due to Nick van der Leek's current personal interest in Grey College at the moment, the site will receive a constant overflow of content based on an ongoing research project.

Besides a bulk of content written, edited and designed by Van der Leek himself, there are also contributions from New Zealand ("Podcasts from Kiwiland"), delivered once every two weeks, along with podcasts on fitness topics via America's Rob Roll, as well as US-based legal analysis from 'Juror13' and then regular nutritional advice via Megan Herriot, a UK-based doctor.

The FIXION section, run by crime writer Vernon Baumann, provides writing tips (including how to self-publish on Amazon), book reviews, news from the publishing and entertainment industry and movie reviews.  Competitions and giveaways will be launched via this section in September.

The site is also about to launch it's own MODELBOOK archive, which builds websites for a select group of young, local models South African MAN feels will be good brand ambassadors not only for South African MAN, but other quality brands as well. Nida Olivier and Loraine van Heerden are two lucky ladies who have been selected as part of the sites soon to be initiated MODELBOOK.

Although the site has just been launched, and advertisers have not been approached yet, two clients have already been secured in two separate pay-for-content deals, which provides exposure online and via social media (Nick van der Leek's twitter account @hirezlife has over 13 000 followers).

Once the Oscar eBook series is complete, the site will provide ongoing snippets and special offers via its FIXION section, and focus will then turn to other man-type stuff, such as car reviews, gear and gadget promotions and travel content.

Companies or individuals interested in arranging paid-for magazine quality online exposure, including shoots, features, interviews, product or event promotions, PR or brand leveraging - including exposure through exclusive social media networks -  can contact the editor here.

Visit South African MAN here.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Another Review of Revelations

Hi Nick,
I finished Revelations over the weekend. 
That chapter where you give a fictional account of what happened that night, seemed so real and authentic,it made my blood run cold. 
All the more effective because of the way you built up to it with the previous chapters. 
I see now why a certain someone was bent on sabotaging your files through the internet!!!! - from a legal practitioner, via Email

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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Praise for Resurrection: "[It] gets to the heart of this case."

5.0 out of 5 stars To get to the heart of this case, it ...August 3, 2014
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: Resurrection (Oscar Pistorius Murder Trial eBook Series 3) (Kindle Edition)
To get to the heart of this case, it is imperative to understand the driving forces behind what culminated on the morning of February 14th. The book provides a very well-researched, well thought out analysis of Oscar, behind the PR machine. It also delves in to where Reeva was in her career and life. For anybody following this trial and grappling with the whys and hows of this tragedy, Nick provides a very compelling recipe to what led up to that evening. I promise you, it's worth the investment of your time!

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