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If you want to read an ebook you'll need to download this's dead easy!

 Ebooks may not be your first choice, but that's what smartphones are for...

This is going to sound weird, especially given what I do: I don't like reading ebooks.  I do like reading though, and my preferences are to read paperbacks first and foremost, then listen to audiobooks, and then...well, anything besides an ebook please.

I think the reason I'm not so gung ho about the idea is because like many of you, I spend so much time on my PC, laptop and phone.  So when I want to enjoy a good book, I want to...well, enjoy it.  Sitting in front of an LCD screen isn't always work, but if often feels like it.  Reading a book...well, it represents, in a sense, getting away from all that, right?

Of course, there's also that no man's land where one is neither working nor playing.  You might be commuting to work, queuing somewhere, or hanging out on the beach.  Perhaps waiting for a flight.  It's on these occasions that a phone and an ebook on your phone can be great!  You may have just ten minutes, or forty, or you don't know how much time you have but you're waiting, or perhaps you wake up halfway through your flight and you've read the inflight magazine, can't sleep - what now?  That's when a good book on your phone [or laptop] can be exactly what the doctor ordered.

If you're ready to take the plunge [I very recently did and you know it wasn't bad] you need to start by downloading the Kindle app.  You can do so at this link.  It's a fairly large file, 30MB if I recall.  Download it and then just follow the instructions.

One potential snag - if you've never read a book through Amazon or never ordered a book, you might need to sign up and register with them.That's also quick and free so make sure you get that done first.

If you're like me and you like reading it's worthwhile being registered with the world's largest and most popular bookstore.  Ebooks are also invariably cheaper than paperbacks, and also leave zero carbon footprint.  No trees were cut down to bring the bad boy on your right to 'print' on Amazon, currently riding high as a # 2 Amazon Bestseller in the Criminal Procedure category.

Another advantage: navigation in an ebook is in some ways a superior experience compared to a normal book.  The software gives you an indication of where you are in the narrative in percentage terms, ie 14% or 57% or 88% whatever the case may be. You can also search your way to specific words.

So, what are you waiting for? Get yourself geared up, get some brand new books on your smartphone today and make the most of your time 'between places'. Click here!

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5 x 5 star Reviews of Dark Matter

Bynicole churchon June 27, 2015
Format: Kindle EditionVerified Purchase
I loved your book-you guys definitely did your research and systematically take the reader though some of the most damning evidence in this case. I was impressed at how you tied it all in with the theme of dark matter- very well done and thought provoking.

No need to apologize for your narrative; yes there are some f bombs but it made me respect you more for being authentic and your sarcasm is justified when it comes to this case. Like you both said it would be funny if it wasn't so tragic. You do a great job calling bulls*** on both murderers using example after example from their own words(in court,interviews,diaries,etc)

I am sure this book has the murderers supporters all in a tizzy- it is easy to spot their attempts to sabotage your deservedly 5 star reviews with their 1 stars. Just look for lots of exclamation points and words in all caps then move right along to the honest reviews that will really help you decide if this book is worth reading- and it certainly is.

Looking forward to your next book and thank you for being the stars that shine light on the truth :)

5Very Objective and Compelling - A Must Read Book On This Case

ByColumboon June 26, 2015
Format: Kindle Edition
Another really great book by Lisa Wilson and Nick van der Leek. In this easy to read and compelling book the key events, character aspects of Amanda Knox, Raffaele Sollecito and Rudy Guede and the most significant evidence against them are all objectively weighed and analyzed. Additionally, in a very balanced view, the case for Amanda Knox as promoted by her supporters is also reviewed so readers can make up their own minds. But there is only one conclusion: all three killers murdered Meredith Kercher (RIP). I highly recommend this book for anyone who wants to know even more about this case.

5Dark Matter, second resource for curious truth-seekers who prefer to come to their own conclusions re: Meredith's murder.

ByLeighon June 25, 2015
Format: Kindle EditionVerified Purchase
After more than 7 years of following Meredith Kercher's murder case closely as the saga has wound through the arcane Italian justice system, I am completely convinced that AK & RS are her two other murderers who have ultimately escaped justice. Their final acquittal has not changed anything for me. Yet I've been asked by others who have more than a slight interest as to why is it I'm so certain, what's your 3-minute elevator speech? Well, an elevator speech doesn't exist, but in 'Dark Matter' and its prequel, 'Deceit' and I hope, in more follow-up e-books on this case, a reader can get as close as possible to a comprehensive full-view, what-happened, tell-me-everything explanation without having to slog through over 1,000 pages of trial documents translated from original Italian and endless arguments from two deeply entrenched opposing sides. Trying to read through it all could easily take most of an interested person's discretionary time for a lengthy period of their lives. And who needs that, right?

What's special about 'Dark Matter' is how easy it is to read, how well the authors guide readers through crucial evidence while using a technique borrowed from Socrates -- keep asking yourself common sense questions as you're reading. 'Dark Matter' examines the early case from a big picture view -- the most prominent evidence, the investigation, what happened in days before, and after Meredith's murder, and what was the behavior like of those near Meredith? Then go further, examine what AK & RS wrote in their own books about the murder. Do they agree with each other or give themselves away by not agreeing in crucial areas? 'Dark Matter' creates these scenes while assisting readers in finding their own answers.

'Dark Matter' examines what is important to know, then asks readers to consider: 'does it make sense?' or 'were these actions meant to deceive and lead investigators astray?' 'is there an innocent explanation?' 'does unusual behavior indicate guilt, youthful carelessness, or something else?' 'Dark Matter' lays out salient evidence found during investigations, and continues to encourage readers to question its importance: 'where does this evidence naturally lead?' 'can we tie the evidence and the behavior together to draw conclusions, and how do we do that?'

'Dark Matter' is exactly how I'd want someone to guide me through an enormous case if didn't know much about it. Don't tell me what to think, don't try to persuade me towards your view -- show me what is important to know -- and I'll decide for myself; in this, both authors excel.

One area where I completely disagree with the authors is their, what appears to be, complete acceptance of nonsense created by AK's professional Seattle-based propaganda machine and American author Douglas Preston -- these two parties had their own reasons to intentionally malign and destroy Italian prosecutor Giuliano Mignini. Their agendas were obvious to truth seekers -- one sought to do 'damage control and create a villain to take attention away from AK,' the other, to leverage the murder to create interest in his own book.

Unfortunately this propaganda proved to be extremely effective, and was picked up by most US media outlets that then ran with the deception. Those who know the case from the pro-justice side are keenly aware of how this vicious, deceitful campaign against the prosecutor convinced tens of millions of Americans AK was an innocent who was framed. I hope the authors make an effort to learn how completely they have been deceived and correct these mistakes in future books in this series.

5Also enjoyed the first book DECEIT and looking forward to the ...
ByGH2006on June 22, 2015
Format: Kindle Edition
This book is a perceptive analysis of the evidence in the murder case of Meredith Kercher. Nick van der Leek and Lisa Wilson take you through the court documents, statements made by the suspects as well as the DNA evidence among other things, which reveal the many lies and obfuscations by the public relations firm hired by the defendants as well as the ob-knox-ious murder-supporters who attack anyone who writes about the truth of this crime. (Shown by the flock of 1 star comments with long venomous attacks by haters who haven't even read the book.)
Written with the same interesting, insightful, and at times entertaining way van der Leek and Wilson hook the reader in from beginning to end. I couldn't pull myself away from this book that Nick generously gifted to me because this is not about making a profit for them but in getting the truth out there! (In stark contrast to the defendants who made millions selling their version of the crime.) Oh! And this book also shines a light on the way Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito obscure the truth in their own books. That was very interesting as well! I also enjoyed the first book DECEIT and looking forward to the next book! TY

5Five Stars

ByBibliophileon June 21, 2015
Format: Kindle Edition
Awesome humdinger of a book. This book will tell you the truth!

Order DARK MATTER here now!

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Latest Review of RECEIT

Nick van der Leek has written a stunning exposition of the actions of Amanda Knox, in particular. It is clear the author has researched his material in great depth, from court documents, newspaper reports, court testimony, DNA evidence and motive. However, none of this gets in the way of the flowing narrative.

The book reads like a psychological thriller, with the perpetrators continuously trying to keep six steps ahead of the cops, like a Spaski- Fisher chess game.

It doesn't help that in Italy, court hearings go on for years and does not end until the final Supreme Court seal of approval. In this case, we know the Italian SC - perplexingly to many - acquitted the two remaining accused, Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito.

However, that does not mean we cannot revisit the crime scene and try to reconstruct, from all the facts known, what really happened and to attempt to guess at the motive.

You may or may not agree with Nick van der Leek all of the time, and critical minds should not, as the case is ever-developing; however, the author's insights into what drives Amanda Knox in particular are astute, perspicacious and logical.

I have my own theory as to what happened, but it doesn't really contradict Van der Leek's view point.

This is a marvellous book, well written, exciting and insightful. Just when you thought you knew all there is to know, the author surprises with a fresh nugget of information or observed behaviour. - Christina Giscombe



Thursday, May 14, 2015

Jodi Arias eBook Series: Highlights from our Best Reviews


Sharon Norris April 8, 2015
 This is exactly the kind of book I was searching for about this case! This book (and the second book by the same authors entitled, "Mendacity") goes into depth, not just about the cold facts about this extraordinary story but more importantly about the limitations, inner conflicts and interconnectedness we share as human beings. This book helped me to reconcile the uncomfortable feelings I had about this case. The truth is I identified with both Travis and Jodi, as people and the situation they found themselves in. I was both disturbed and fascinated by that, and longed for answers. This book offers answers by examining the nitty-gritty psychological aspects of not only Jodi and Travis' story but also the human story, and the fact that as human beings we "don't know the world or ourselves as well as we pretend we do." 

Joan Brodie April 18, 2015
Thoughtful and inspired. It will make you think, and is written from the perspective of real people watching an unbelievable experience. Authentic and minced no words. I will read it again.

MCD April 5, 2015
I bought this book on the back of the Oscar Pistorius series, written by the same authors. I didn't know anything about this particular case, but it has definitely been a page turner and eye opener.

As with the Pistorius case, the authors have a unique approach to picking 'Crucible' - style at the details of this case - giving a context to both the victim and the murderer - before panning back to placing the case within the context of the modern Western world. They also interrogate the process of decision making, including the flawed thinking of Jodi Arias and her dud decisions which she tries ineffectually to defend in the bizarre and almost amusing exchange between her and the prosecutor.
The authors must be commended on an incredibly well researched take on this case, as well the skillful writing of a re-enactment of what may have happened on the day of the murder. Their unique style involves the use of metaphor and personal accounts. This may seem to others as though the authors go off on a tangent but there's usually a message/meaning/point to the journey, which they bring back to the main story.

Mariam Rouzparast  March 2, 2015
Good read. Liked the links and the analysis of the case. I would recommend this book for anyone interested in this case. Thank you! 

jolene montalvo  March 5, 2015
Very in depth look at the trial of Jodi Arias. Loved the links!! Usually I go back and forth looking up info but this book took me right to it! The different takes on many of the situations that Travis and Jodi put them selves in was amazing and a real eye opener. I feel spoiled by this book! Can't wait for the next book! Good work!

April 12, 2015
I could not stop reading!! Compelling. A look at these two individuals and the lies they told themselves and each other is fascinating, this goes way beyond the trial and the text, gmail, and phone messages. I finished this book and then immediately read Mendacity! The Mendacity read is my favorite, and gives an honest and compelling look in to Travis's life, as well a look at my own life, and the author shares his "crazy" relationship he endured. After reading I understand why he (Travis) could not leave Jodi and vice versa. I like the way these authors take turns writing about these individuals and the different aspects of their lives (lies). They also ask that you take a look at yourself and your own mendacity...can you?? Both of these books are worth the read. I look forward to their next book....Authenticity. I followed this trial from the beginning and tomorrow (April 13, 2015) the World will learn what type of sentence Judge Stephens will hand Jodi. After tomorrow will this be the last time we hear from Jodi Arias??? Thank you Nick and Lisa.

AUDACITY is available on Amazon for $4.70


Mariam Rouzparast April 1, 2015
Great update to Audacity. The big difference, I think is that the first book focused more on the relationship and this is more of a philosophical nature. It makes you reflect on not just Jodi and Travis and the craziness called a trial but who we are and why we tend to act and feel.

wisprette April 3, 2015
If you are interested in the Jodi Arias trial this is a must read. It's honesty about JA, TA, and ourselves is refreshing! 

Louanne Tosch April 12, 2015
I read this book immediately after I read Audacity. I loved this will not only learn new aspects of Travis' life, but your own! These two authors write in a way that you cannot stop, their insight will have you stop and examine your own life. You will look at these two individuals differently (Travis & Jodi), (it did not change the fact that I still believe Jodi is evil). After I read this book I look at my life, my relationships and my goals differently. I will listen more carefully to what people say. ENJOY the RIDE!! Thank you Nick and Lisa you answered a lot of questions that were tumbling around in my head!

April 28, 2015  
...a must read of all 3 books! You will walk away asking yourself questions - about yourself!

MENDACITY is available on Amazon for $4.50


Barbara G. Rice April 28, 2015 
Jodi Arias murder of Travis Alexander is at the heart of these 3 books, but it also peers into our motives - juxtaposed against references to current political & societal events.
AUDACITY, MENDACITY and AUTHENTICITY examines and lays open a history of humanity - with all its failings.
The authors ask us pertinent questions about ourselves.
Yes the crime was horrific - slaughter - but while Jodi carried a WMD-level of AUDACITY, MENDACITY, and some AUTHENTICITY - the authors ask us to see this same thing (albeit mustard seed size) in ourselves, our daily lives, and how we move within our sphere of societal interactions.
The authors are extremely-versed, very knowledgeable and meticulous in the details. As they say "the devil is in the details" - how especially true in the murder of Travis Alexander.
Very thought provoking books. Highly recommend!

AUTHENTICITY is available on Amazon for  $4.00

Coming Soon VANITY...